Teen Workshop


Punch-High Workshop

Our Headstrong “Punch-High” workshop will equip your teen with tools and techniques to cope with challenges and build healthy mental fitness habits for life. Click HERE to Sign-up for our 5 day “Punch High” workshop.

How do we do this? Mental fitness requires cultivating three core areas  i.e. Growth Mindset, Mental Resilience and Grit. The “Punch High” workshop cultivates each of these areas by teaching your child powerful concepts and techniques using a mix of physical and mental fitness.

Physical and mental fitness go hand in hand. By combining these two disciplines in our Punch High workshop, we help teens understand themselves and develop the mental fitness they need to face life’s challenges with confidence. 

Our daily workshop sessions start with a 60-minute boxing skills set that is perfect for beginners and experienced boxers alike. Our trainers will teach you the basics of boxing, including stance, footwork, punches, and defensive moves. You’ll have the chance to practice and refine these skills with partner drills and mitt work. No previous boxing experience is necessary, and we welcome all abilities.

After the sparring session, we shift our focus to mental fitness training. Our 90-minute group coaching session is designed to help teens develop the mental agility and resilience they need to thrive in all areas of life. We’ll explore strategies for managing stress, building confidence, and developing a growth mindset. Our experienced coaches will lead group discussions and interactive activities to help you develop these essential life skills.