Realise your potential


At HeadStrong we are excited by teenagers and the potential that resides in each one of them. Our approach is holistic – we work with parents and their children through our workshops to teach them how to communicate effectively and address frustrations with practical tools and techniques. Start your HeadStrong journey by registering your teen for our introductory “Punch High” workshop. This workshop combines a mix of communication, mental health and key topic discussions with fun physical activities to support the learning process.

The “Punch High” workshop is aimed at teens aged 13-16 and introduces them to key concepts like understanding themselves and others. HeadStrong “Punch High” workshop participants will be provided with boxing gloves, pads and bags in our kitted out studio. Our professional boxing coach will do a number of introductory training and fun sparring activities with bags and pads as part of the sessions.


Our HeadStrong teen support programs follow a group coaching model designed to build on the foundations of our workshops. We guide teens to refine and apply the communication skills taught in our workshops. Having someone to talk to and express their thoughts and feelings is vital to good mental health. The regular group sessions in our quarterly programs provide a structured support system that helps to prevent behaviours that may lead to other problems like anxiety and depression.

Contact us below to find out about one of our teen support programs.


A teen mental health life coach helps your teenager navigate the process of life by listening and offering practical tips and advice. Having this teen life coach will lead to self-value, self-respect and a confidant they can talk to without judgement.

It’s really supportive for teens to have a life coach to help them deal with everyday challenges. Someone that understands them and can help them navigate the process of life in a calm, non-reactionary, balanced journey; giving them practical tips and advice.

A counsellor or a therapist makes a teen feel that they need therapy and they don’t like to feel that way. They don’t trust adults to understand how they feel or what they’re going through.

A life coach is on their side.

Your teen will gain so much by having someone to express their thoughts and feelings to. We’ll help them develop communication skills that will serve them well as teens, but more importantly also prove invaluable later in life.