Unlocking the potential of healthy teenage minds

Welcome to HeadStrong. We teach teenagers and their parents communication skills that enable them to thrive in an ever changing world!

Our mission

With all the modern pressures like smart phones, social media, home schooling, COVID lockdowns, limited exercise and uncertain futures – teens are overwhelmed. Your child is facing new daily challenges that didn’t exist 50 years ago … and teens as well as their parents don’t always know how to cope.

At HeadStrong we are excited by teenagers and the potential that resides within each one of them. We are focused on improving teenager and parent mental health. Traditionally mental health has been placed in an isolated box, and we believe that mental health should be actively coached and developed. Just like other forms of health – good mental health can be taught and healthy habits practiced to develop a resilient mind.

The HeadStrong approach is holistic – we work with teens and their parents teaching them how to communicate better with each other and manage frustrations. We teach teenagers and their parents skills that improve their emotional intelligence, communication abilities and connectedness – areas that often get neglected in a digital world. We empower teens with tools and techniques to understand themselves better and build resilient, confident minds! Our team understands teens and can help them navigate the complex transition from teenager to adulthood with practical tips and advice …. and we do it in an interactive fun way!

Why HeadStrong?


It all starts with trust, the basis for meaningful connection. Our coaches understand teens and how to get through to them – no matter how distant this goal may seem.


We all want to belong, unity builds strength. We work with teens to reaffirm this age old concept.


Happiness of the mind is complex yet simple. We teach teens to celebrate the simple.

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